Atlantis Berchidda is part of the “Società Agricola Sannitu” agricultural enterprise. We are a family-run business in Berchidda and own vineyards covering some 15 hectares – primarily for Vermentino di Gallura grapes. We are located close to the Emerald Coast and within the “Vermentino di Gallura” triangle, which is formed by the towns surrounding Mount Limbara – Berchidda, Monti and Tempio Pausania.

The land here is perfectly suited to wine-growing, with sandy soils thanks to a high granite content. Combined with the salty wind from the sea, this creates the ideal micro-climate for the vines grown to produce Sardinia’s only wine in the prestigious DOCG classification, “Vermentino di Gallura”.
Berchidda is also home to the famous “Time in Jazz” festival, featuring jazz trombonist Paolo Fresu as founder and director.

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"We bottle your dreams".

Fabrizio Fichera first of all loves wine.

He boasts many years of experience gained over years of passionate work that has led him to experience the Italian and foreign market in-depth, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the terroirs and vignerons with whom he has established and consolidated strong and authentic relationships thanks to the common peasant roots. To take advantage of this great wealth, in 2015 he founded the International Wine Group, a modern and innovative company that wants to respond to the needs of a constantly evolving and expanding market.



The Menicucci winery began to take root in the unique land of the south of Tuscany, Italy, in 1689. Soft geology is easy to dig deep wine cellars, the underground temperature is low, providing the most suitable cellar environment for wine. The winery is more than 300 years old, and the current owner of the winery, Mr Luca Menicucci, is the ninth generation of the winery. Luca inherited family ancestors innovative spirit, the craftsmen and continuation of the devotion to the cause of the wine and love, with gratitude feedback the gift of nature, and more people share the delicious wine In order to obtain more high-quality grape raw materials, he carefully planted the vineyard, selected high-quality grapes for the pure handpicked, gently and carefully squeezed. Both the advanced equipment is made the traditional brewing process is preserved, and the new old combination is made to keep the original aroma and charm of the wine.

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