In order to help the wineries to start their internationalization process, to give them the opportunity to get in contact with importers and to help them to build long-lasting relationships in the emerging countries, Agriment Italia works as their export manager.

During these years we have gained a big experience, which allows us to better understand the main features of the different foreign markets.


Our responsibilities consist of:


  • Concluding commercial agreements for the wine export


  • Promoting the Italian territory and our products on the foreign markets


  • Organizing and taking part in international events (fairs, wine tastings, educational tours), providing a complete service for our customers


  • Managing international contacts and looking for new ones. Our aim is to sell the products of our catalogue, by sending samples, offers, folders and price-lists


  • Supporting the cellars during the entire internationalization process, in order to create stable and long-lasting relationships


  • Helping the cellars to adapt their products to the final market, by changing the labels (if necessary) and by offering constant consultancy


  • Proposing the products according to the request and the need of the final consumer






With a wide portfolio of products, which come from different Italian regions, Agriment Italia takes part in the most important international events all over the world. Thanks to our widespread presence in the emerging countries, we can give to the final consumer the best agricultural and enogastronomic answer. We offer support and we guarantee constant collaborations. We want to  establish long-term business relationships between producers and importers


Our responsibility consists of:


  • Cooperating with Italian producers chosen for their own peculiar values  and tradition


  • Collaborating with wineries that work with us. Representing them all over the world as their export managers. We are their best interlocutors to help them develop new products and promotion plans. Commercializing their products on foreign markets


  • Keeping long-lasting collaborations between producers and foreign importers


  • Carefully selecting the products for each specific foreign markets. We take in good consideration the needs of the final country, and we try to keep a constant price-quality ratio.


  • Offering “the right product for the right market”, in relation to the consumers’ needs.


  • Supporting the importers and the distributors in the development of their own market.


  • Adapting or creating new products and labels (if necessary) for the final market. 


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