Agriment Italia is a company born to:


- Create new business es on new markets
- Introduce cellars, products and services to importers from all over the world
- Identify new distribution channels and educate buyers and opinion leaders of emerging countries to the knowledge of Italian wines
Provide research consultancy , development, innovation and marketing  to companies and consortia wine in the wine and food market

-  Constitute a point of aggregation and representation to: the trade, the institutions, the consumer market and   the main players involved.

- Optimize the costs by sharing the investments among different cellars in order to make the involvement at the international events more profitable

- Follow the contacts with importers and distributors, helping them into the market development, adapting the offer, the packaging and the communication in relation to the distribution channels and the customers demand.

- Support the cellars in the choice of the international Countries and of the investment methods.

Agriment Italia aims to give value, voice, visibility and development prospects to those who work in the wine and food industry, cooperating to the Made in Italy success all over the world:

Value, because our experience, our knowledge and our commitment are addressed to contribute to the companies’ development and to valorize products, stories and traditions
Voice, because we contribute spreading knowledge, cooperating with various institutions and shortening distances between producers and consumers
Visibility, for small businesses, but also for projects, opportunities and support policies
Prospects, because having an overall vision allow us to develop methodologies and innovations which can be used  throughout the whole wine and food system, aiming at the creation of solid and long-term working relationships
Knowledge, projects and experience to support your growth and progress in the international market.

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