Wine Tours

Agriment Italia organizes wine tours for importers and wine lovers, in the major growing regions of Italy. From North to South there are lots of regional specialities that our country offer us. A journey through landscapes and vineyards to the discovery of the combination between food and wines unique and inimitable. We are available to arrange wine tours "ad hoc", of particular preference of the participants or to propose standard travels itineraries and wedding ceremonies in the cellar. All food and wine tours organized by us provide guided tours and wine tasting in the cellars who work with us.


- Tours of the wineries

- Food and wine excursions  

- Visits to the most important museums and monuments of some Italian regions                    - Tour of the most important wine regions

- Several experiences that will feature some wines certain manufacturers' Agriment              - Experience than through the wine, the knowledge with the producers and the tradition of our country, they will understand the Italian culture

Northern Italy Tour 8 days

Southern Italy Tour 9Days

Piedmont Tour 4days

Sicily Tour 4 days

Tuscany Tour 4 days

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