100% Taste

Non-alcoholic Rosé Drink


Sparkling Zero Rosé is a non-alcoholic drink, produced from grape must, which was created with the aim of satisfying the needs of those who, for health or religious reasons, do not consume alcoholic beverages or who, for various reasons, they take a cautious approach to alcohol consumption.

It is a product that recalls the great tradition of sparkling wines, maintaining the freshness, liveliness and charm of the bubble thanks to the skilful dosage of carbon dioxide, despite the alcohol content being zero.

A product resulting from research and innovation, which is presented as a non-alcoholic alternative for those who do not want to consume alcohol but want to toast to happy moments without sacrificing taste.


Production area: Veneto

Productive process: After a careful selection of the bunches, collected in suitable areas when the analyses show a good balance between sugars and acidity, the grapes are destemmed and softly pressed. In this way, a must is obtained which is stored in refrigerated tanks to prevent alcoholic fermentation from starting. After the addition of carbon dioxide, the product is filtered and bottled.


Organoleptic characteristics:

Colour and appearance: pale pink colour.

Nose: the nose is characterized by an intense aroma of grape which is accompanied by fresh fruity and floral scents.

Taste: on the palate, where it is sweet, delicate and balanced, it put forward the fruity and floral olfactory sensations.


Serving temperature: 4-5° C


Pairings: ideal at any time of the day, it is an excellent ingredient for the preparation of cocktails, especially those based on fruit. Perfect pairing with cheeses, especially fresh ones made with goat and sheep's milk, with desserts such as small pastries and dried fruit.


To be consumed preferably: within 36 months.


Recommended glass: Flute.


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